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1/4 Load $150
1/2 Load $250
3/4 Load $350
Full Load $425
+Travel Fee $30
+Dump Fee $45

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What we can pick up...



We take all shapes and sized mattress. We will remove and load it in the trailer.

Image by Rumman Amin


Any household or office storage or table type items we can take.

Image by Lucas van Oort


Pallets are our most common form of junk and we are very able to remove all number of them

Blocks of Wood

Outside/Other Matreials

We take almost all types of material from Wood, Metal, Plastic, Rubber, Brick and more.

Metallic Pieces

Metal Structures

We take all types of metal structures and metal items

Image by Jilbert Ebrahimi

Household Items

Anything you need to be removed or thrown away we can get rid of it.


With our many teams working all over the Inland Empire, Los Angeles and San Diego, we want to provide the best and most affordable service for you. At IEJT, we are committed to bringing unparalleled customer satisfaction and service. Call or email us for a free quote today!

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